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Welcome to Olympian Kitchen, created by Olympic silver medallist, Nicola Fairbrother.

Olympian Kitchen is a newsletter run by me, Nicola Fairbrother. I’m an Olympian, a chef and I’m fascinated about how what we eat can make us fitter and healthier.

My mission is to help you take care of your body and eat nutritious, delicious food. By improving what we put in, we improve what we get out.

Look forward to recipes with a Mediterranean, Spanish touch. Recipes that you can read quickly, and don’t take too much time to make.

Each edition, I’ll also walk through a simple culinary skill. By understanding the whys and how’s you gain confidence cooking.

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Nicola Fairbrother MBE, 7th Dan
- 1992 Olympic Silver Medallist (judo)
- Professionally trained chef, Leiths Diploma
- Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Wageningen Uni Edx
- Publisher of Koka Kids children’s judo books

More about my work and me. I’m Nicola Fairbrother. I’m a double Olympian (Barcelona 1992 Silver and Atlanta 1996 5th), light-weight World Champion (1993), voted by Sunday Times as Sportswoman of the Year and awarded a MBE by HM The Queen. I publish a range of children’s judo books (Koka Kids) and run another substack delivering judo coaching resources. I’m a trained chef and have completed a 100 day chef-stage in Spanish Michelin kitchens.

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1992 Olympic silver, 1993 Judo World Champion, BBC broadcaster. Sunday Times sportswoman of the Year, Awarded MBE by HM The Queen. Publisher of children's judo books, sold world wide. Trained chef (Leiths Professional Diploma)